Thursday, 13 October 2016

E-Waste Recycling – Insight To Environmental Benefits And Hazards

Technology continues to grow and innovative models of gadgets like computers flood the market daily. Therefore, existing computers are not needed any more and it has to be replaced with latest ones. They may even be dumped along with the other trash. Hence computer recycling is a great option to wash these models out of our hands. There are some really innovative measures put forward by companies for IT recovery and management. For instance TraceTM efficiently administers the recycling of these tech-dump products. E-recycling is a growing trend among top IT sectors because of the environmental benefits that can be derived from them. Some have even been described on the website
Our depleting natural resources are preserved by e-recycling methods. The use-and-throw culture, thanks to western influence is the major reason for environmental pollution. This is the same as with the case of electronic disposal. Recycling of an old computer will limit the utilization of resources that is required to produce new gadgets. The components of those old e-wastes can be reused to create new computers. Refurbishing these gadgets benefits not only the environment, but also deflects serious health issues. The harmful materials disposed today extend from broken or unused e-devices to common items like TV, lamps, batteries, printers, scanners, monitors and computers. The menace of e-waste can be reduced by recycling, where the entrapped minerals are extracted and the left-over components are reused for new materials. The leaching of minerals and heavy metals destroy our landscapes, erodes and spoils the soil. Moreover, such leakage also poses allergic reactions like wheezing and asthma that comes with the inhalation of poisonous gases.
Untreated electronic waste fills the land and is non-biodegradable. Even incineration of such wastes does not help. In fact, incineration raises the environmental threat by hazardous chemicals blown away to the surroundings. E-waste contains significant non-biodegradable agents like mercury, lead, barium, arsenic, cadmium and antimony. The soil and water fills with contaminants and landfills ooze out minerals and heavy metals, making it unbearable to public health. Mining and processing usually releases 1.5 tons into air and water yearly. This process reduces the level of oxygen from air, according to a US study. There will be a significant reduction in the soil nature and texture and also in fertility. Sound management of our premises is the key for healthy living of the future generation.
E-wastes consists of many renewable and precious materials like aluminium, copper, gold, silver and plastics. These natural virgin sources are preserved to produce energy which is again used to manufacture new equipment, this is a cyclic process and electronic garbage can thus can be reused and recycled instead of getting trashed in landfills. Safe recycling reduces promotes even the management of hazardous metals like mercury and lead in the atmosphere. These processes can save energy to a major extent, reduce pollutants in the atmosphere, prevent poisonous gases being emitted and above all save the raw materials of the earth without being extensively used for producing new gadgets.

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